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Luthar MD 

Combining the best of modern medicine with the art of healing.

Dr. Luthar is appreciated by his patients for his deep listening skills and love of medicine. He believes that understanding each patient’s personal narrative is vital to optimizing their health, and wellbeing. He seamlessly weaves nutritional and lifestyle prescriptions, cutting-edge approaches to health span and longevity, personalized mind-body practices, and Eastern approaches to healing.


He is an instructor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and an Associate Physician at Brigham and Women's Hospital. He practices highly personalized medicine at Personal Health MD.

The Clinic

The Clinic

Personal Health MD    |    617 585 1500    |    137 Newbury St (6th Floor) Boston, MA 02116 





Personal Health MD was founded by Dr. Richard Donahue in 2011. After a decade spent as the only physician on a rural island in Maine, he dreamed to bring this personalized approach to the city, combining the best of academic medicine excellence with an holistic approach. Dr. Luthar was brought on as the second doctor to expand the practice in 2023. Holistic Primary Care from the Heart. Experience the Art of Medicine

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Re-Precision Health

Dr. Luthar is currently serving as Chief Health Innovation Officer for Re-Precision Health, an international wellness retreat brand. 7-21 day mind-body regulation retreats for optimized performance and healing.

Dr. Luthar takes on select advisory, consulting, and speaking engagements, please inquire below.


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To become a patient please call 617-585-1500. For consulting, board advisory, or speaking inquiries, please submit below:

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